Cleaning Really Does Matter

We know the value of your time and your product, and we create our products to ensure that you are confident in your sanitation process. Proper cleaning and sanitation processes and chemicals can ensure that your final product is amazing and safe. We are committed to helping our customers through this process, and will answer and questions that you may have. Please contact [email protected] with your questions, or give us a call at 800-782-7019.


Our 8 Rules of Cleaning and Sanitizing

1. You can only sanitize clean equipment 5. Time, temperature, agitation. Decrease one, increase the other
2. Dirty equipment will always contain bacteria 6. Do not overuse chemicals. “More is not better”
3. Cleaners ARE NOT sanitizers 7. Cleaners & Sanitizers must touch all surfaces
4. Sanitizers ARE NOT cleaners 8. Never add water to chemicals, always add chemicals to water