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Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pumps


LKH Series

Designed for premium efficiency and unmatched versatility, the LKH is available in standard, multi-stage, high pressure, and high purity models.

LKH Pump LKH Centrifugal Pump
Designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the dairy, food and beverage and personal care industries, LKH centrifugal pumps increase process productivity while providing high efficiency, gentle product handling and accurate flow control.
LKH Centrifugal 70 Pump LKH High Pressure Pump
The LKH pump consists of a standard motor, stub shaft, mechanical compression coupling (LKH-5 with set screws), adaptor, back plate, impeller, impeller screw, pump casing and shaft seal. (LKH-5 has clamp connection between pump casing and back plate). The LKH pump is designed for CIP with emphasis on large internal radii and cleanable seals.

The LKHP pump consists of a special motor, stub shaft, compression coupling, adaptor, back plate, impeller, impeller screw, pump casing and shaft seal. The LKHP pump is designed for CIP-cleaning with emphasis on large internal radii and easily cleanable seals.
LKH centrifugal Solid C Pump LKH Centrifugal SolidC Pump

LKH Centrifugal SolidC Pump is a standardized centrifugal pump for general applications, intermittent product pumping and CIP duties.

LKH Centrifugal Multistage Pump LKH Centrifugal Multistage Pump
LKHM-110 and LKHM-120/P consist of a motor, stub shaft with key, mechanical compression coupling, adaptor, backplate, impellers, pump casing, intermediate casing (3 or 4 stage), pump cover, impeller screw and shaft seal.
SolidC UltraPure LKH UltraPure Pump

Designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, LKH UltraPure centrifugal pumps deliver maximum uptime and high efficiency plus the benefits of easy cleanability and thorough documentation.

Alfa Laval Liquid Ring Pumps

MR UltraPure MR Liquid Ring Pumps

The MR range of pumps is specifically designed for pumping liquids that contain air or gas. These pumps are most commonly used for CIP return applications in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Alfa Laval Positive Displacement Pumps

Alfa Laval’s positive displacement (rotary lobe) pumps use low shear pumping action, ideal for delicate media. Each pump can be mounted for vertical or horizontal porting.

Optilobe OptiLobe

The OptiLobe is an optimized rotary lobe pump that is a cost-effective alternative to Alfa Laval SRU and SX rotary lobe pumps. Designed for standard duties within the food, dairy and beverage industries.

SRU Positive Displacement Pump Horizontal Low Res SRU Positive Displacement Pump

With its smooth, low-shear pumping action, the SRU is Alfa Laval’s core rotary lobe pump for the gentle handling of sensitive process fluids within the dairy, food and beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Positive Displacement SX Pump Low Res SX Positive Displacement Pump

The SX is Alfa Laval’s premium rotary lobe pump designed for gentle transportation of process fluids in hygienic and ultra-clean applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, health and beauty, and demanding food applications.

PD Pumps Application Data Sheet

Centrifugal Pumps Application Data Sheet