As a Regional Distributor, we are proud to offer Alfa Laval valves, the world’s largest manufacture of sanitary equipment with the largest selection of valves for industries using sanitary process.

Alfa Laval, with the addition of Tri-Clover brand valves brings our customers both innovation and reliability.

For effectiveness, efficiency, and total value, Alfa Laval is the only choice. Remember, if you don’t see it here ask us, we either have it in stock or we will find the valve for you!

Alfa Laval Ball Valves

Tri Clover Ball Valves

Tri-Clover Ball Valves

Tri-Clover ball valves are perfect for applications that need a full flow body design to minimize line turbulence and pressure drop. The newly redesigned 5300 series ball valve is an economical plug and play replacement for the 4300 series.
• ½” through 4” with Tri-Clamp connections
• ½” through 2” with butt-weld connections
• Fully encapsulated and reinforced PTFE seats available
• Locking handle standard on manual valves
• A wide variety of options available for pneumatic and electric action

Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves

Tri Clover LKB

Tri-Clover LKB

Tri-Clover LKB is a sanitary automatic or manually operated butterfly valve for use in stainless steel fluid handling systems. LKB is either remote-controlled by means of an actuator or manually operated by means of a handle.
• Sizes 1” through 6”
• Available with 304L or 316L wetted parts
• Tri-Clamp or weld connections are standard (other connections available on request)
• EPDM, silicone, viton, or nitrile seats
• Various handle options available for manual valves
• Numerous control and indication options for actuated valves

Alfa Laval Check Valves

Five Star offers a complete selection of ball, disc and air-blow check valves. Check valves prevent reverse flow in a wide variety of process applications.

Ball Check Valve

Ball Check Valves

• Sizes ½” through 3”
• Tri-Clamp or butt-weld connections
• Balls available in Buna, EPDM, Viton, Nylon, and Teflon
• Fullo-flow body design
• Can be used with air blow check valve

Disc Spring Check Valve

Disc Spring Check Valves

• LKC-2 Vertical check valves sizes 1” through 4”
• Cracking pressure less than 1 psi
• LKC-2 Horizontal (drainable) check valves sizes 1” through 3”
• Tri-Clamp and Butt-Weld versions

Air Blow Valves

• 1.5” through 4.5” Tri-Clamp connections
• Available as a kit with ball check valve
• 62-174 for low volume air flow (1600 cu.ft./hr)
• 62-326 for high volume air flow (4000 cu.ft./hr)
• Quick coupler, hose barb, or NPT air connection

Alfa Laval Compression & Relief Valves

Tri Clover D60 Valve

Tri-Clover’s D60 Series

Tri-Clover’s D60 series compression and relief valves are sanitary, manually adjusted valves. The product wetted surfaces are made from 316L stainless steel.Relief Valves
The D60RTHMP is a spring loaded relief valve, used for sanitary pressure relief of a piping system or pump.

Compression Valves
The D60 T/Y RMP is available in a right angle “T” body or a straight through flow “Y” body style shut-off valve.

Valve Features
• Sizes 1” through 3”
• D60RTHMP, metal seat only
• Standard spring range is 5-15 psi
• Alternate spring ranges available up to 85 psi

Alfa Laval Control and Indication



Fully programmable and self-adjusting, the blue ThinkTop is available with digital, AS-Interface, or DeviceNet interface options.



Designed for dependable remote signaling of open and closed position of an air-actuated valve, the BasicTop has a number of solenoid and proximity switch options available.



When indication is all you need, the IndiTop’s “no touch” sensor provides electrical feedback and is compatible with all major PLC digital input cards.

Green Top

Tri-Clover’s familiar green control top for their butterfly valves and 700-series seat valves.

Indication Units

Indication Units

Alfa Laval has an assortment of simple indication units for their LKB, SRC, ARC and ARC-SB valves. Easily installed between the valve and actuator, these units offer micro switch, proximity switch, or visual mechanical indication.

Alfa Laval CPM Valves

Alfa Laval’s CPM valves are the simple, accurate method for maintaining a constant inlet or outlet pressure in your process line. A diaphragm/valve plug system reacts immediately to any alteration of the product pressure and changes the position so that the preset pressure is maintained.

Two styles are available, to fit your application.



The Constant Pressure Modulating Inlet maintains constant pressure in the process line at the inlet side of the valve.

Typical applications include installing downstream from separators and heat exchangers, or as an overflow valve.


The Constant Pressure Modulating Outlet works conversely to the CPMI-2 by maintaining constant pressure in the process line at the outlet side of the valve.

The CPMO-2 is often installed upstream from filler systems of filtration units.

Alfa Laval Plug Valves

The Classic Dairy Valve

The bonded rubber or stainless steel plug valves are used in food and chemical industries and in other installations where a sanitary closing device with minimum pressure drop is required.Valve Features
• Sizes 1.5” through 3”
• Available in 304 or 316L
• Tri-Clamp, Bevel Seat, or Butt-Weld connections
• Stainless Steel or Buna rubber-coated plugs
• 25 psi maximum pressure

• D10 valves – two way
• D11 valves – three way
• D10F tank outlet valve

Alfa Laval Sampling Valves

Five Star supplies Tri-Clover manual “push button” A30 sample cocks and model 660 screw handle style sampling valves.

660 Series Fractional Sampling Valves

• Available with ½” Tri-Clamp by ¼” hose barb or ½” Tri-Clamp by ½” Tri-Clamp
• Modified designs available from Five Star to fit special applications
• Standard handle is knurled polyethylene; bronze handle available for higher pressure/heat applications
• Teflon plug with o-ring, optional electropolished ID

A30 Sample Cocks

A30 Sample Cocks

• Usually mounted on tanks
• Operated by depressing spring-loaded stem
• Tri-Clamp or Bevel Seat
• Connection sizes 1.5” and 2”

Alfa Laval Seat Valves

Tri Clover Unique 7000 series

Tri-Clover Unique 7000 Series

A one-piece body with no welds adds hygiene, strength and reliability for industries that demand the highest sanitary standards.

Tri Clover 700 Series

Tri-Clover 700 Series

Available in shut-off, divert, throttling, tank or kettle, and flow diversion styles with a variety of actuator, switch and solenoid options.

Tri-Clover 736 Swap Valve

Converts an existing, “welded in” 361 shut-off valve into a version of the 700 series.

Tri-Clover 600 Series

Fractional valves in manual or air-actuated styles.

Alfa Laval Series

Includes the familiar G&H line of manual and air-actuated valves, as well as the “Unique” mixproof valves.

Alfa Laval Koltek Shutter Valves

AH Koltek Shutter Valve

AH Koltek Shutter Valve

The AH Koltek shutter valve is specifically designed for difficult applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries where valves of sanitary design are needed.

Valve Features
• Sizes 1” through 4”
• Two-way or three-way
• Manual or air actuation
• Air-to-air or spring return
• 90 degree or 180 degree rotation
• Available with ThinkTop or laterally mounted indication unit

Alfa Laval Vacuum Breakers & Air Vent Valves

GHVB Air-Operated Vacuum Breaker

• 1.5” Tri-Clamp connection
• CIP-able
• 3A approved
• EPDM elastomers standard; Buna or Viton available

B44MP Vacuum Breaker

• 1.5” and 2” Tri-Clamp connections available
• Reversible PTFE plug allows easy conversion from vacuum breaker to air eliminator
• Designed for process and CIP lines; not recommended for use on tanks
• Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel construction

A49-42 Vacuum Breaker

• 2” Tri-Clamp connection
• Diaphragm seal design
• Designed for process and CIP lines; not for use on tanks
• Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel construction

GC60ARV Vertically Mounted Air Relief Valve

• Sizes from 1.5” through 2.5”
• Ball check seal design
• Available in 304L or 316L stainless steel